Our integrated marketing & PR support – designed to enable this young export compliance business to disrupt the hold of multinational market incumbents – needed to build brand awareness, fast.

XDS Solutions: Marketing & PR Consultancy

BOOKED BY: XDS Solutions

SERVICE PROVIDED: Marketing Consultancy, content strategy, tone of voice, PR, blog posts, case studies, on-page content, email marketing, copywriting for print & exhibition

TARGET AUDIENCE: Saudi importers, exporters, and brokers

Jill says:

As a B2B marketeer and copywriter, there are two kinds of job that put a huge smile on my face. The first is helping genuine experts to organise and communicate their ideas.  The second is the privilege of being involved at the critical moment a young firm decides to disrupt a marketplace and take on the big boys.

This marketing & PR project is both.

XDS Solutions co-founder and operations director Chantelle Rowe is a dynamic character, with strong views. As a seasoned export compliance expert, she has big ideas about the how the certificate of conformity process should be managed for importers, exporters and brokers.

It’s easy for a compliance certification partner to say “the process is slow; it’s always been that way; it’s out of our hands” – but with Chantelle, you’re left in no doubt of her dedication to reinvent the certification process.  She will make it simple and streamlined for the clients she supports.

Chantelle and her XDS Solutions team are expert at understanding the complex regulatory framework and mandatory certification requirements impacting export into the Middle East and Africa.  They bring a multitude of predictions, practical examples, opinions and evidence to each meeting – perfect materials for shaping an engaging marketing and PR campaign.

What XDS Solutions doesn’t have is the expertise or in-house resource to manage this marketing & PR campaign themselves.

That’s where we help.

We act as the XDS Solutions marketing department.  Designing strategies in response to business goals and delivering ongoing consultancy, blog writing, case study production, on-page content, PR campaigns, and email marketing to as growing list of subscribers.

In collaboration with the XDS Solutions team we’ve written about things like the importance of pre-compliance testing to prevent delays in the export supply chain, how businesses around the world are protecting their supply chain, and explained the complicated migration to SABER through a landing page designed to capture new leads.

Each time, we’re building the XDS Solutions brand and positioning Chantelle and her team as thought leaders and experts.  Empowering importers, exporters and brokers – building a case for change – and proving that export compliance does not have to be slow and complicated.

My challenge was to do that in a way that enabled this young business to complete with global competitors, without blowing the budget.

I’m proud of the result. Not only on a professional level, but on a personal one too.

Chantelle Rowe, Operations Director at  XDS Solutions says:

“I’m so happy with the quality of service Attract & Engage has provided.  Our initial brief had two main requirements and Jill and her team have delivered what we needed with incredible accuracy.  No compromises and no delays, we’ve actually enjoyed the process from beginning to end. Having Attract & Engage as an ongoing partner means we’re able to maintain high quality content, and make sure marketing is delivering the growth opportunities we need.

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