TalentWorks wanted to make the case for advancing young talent in the media industry, addressing what matters to today’s graduates, and equipping industry employers for change. We took an anthropological approach… 

TalentWorks: Story positioning

BOOKED BY: TalentWorks

SERVICE PROVIDED: ContentCreatorWeb copy, sales literature

TARGET AUDIENCE: MDs and Account Directors at SME media planning and buying agencies (UK) 

Jill says:

Giving your potential clients accurate, useful advice, in response to problem that really matters. In theory, that’s what content marketing is. But it’s not very often that a brief gets it this right. 

TalentWorks prides itself on its expert knowledge of the industry it serves, the partnerships built with the UK’s best media universities, and its use of the highly respected Insights Discovery personality profile model – few other graduate recruitment and training providers can say they’re doing more to improve the path for the next generation of talent. 

It was with this spirit that I approached the positioning strategy and copywriting, making a case for advancing young talent in media that’s underpinned by a knowledge of what post-millennials and generationz expect from their future career in media.   

(I was inspired in this anthropological approach by the staggering quantity of background information provided in the brief. I’ve never seen so many links to research papers in a single Word doc.) 

Hard facts were the key to keeping the reader engagedreaders don’t want to think they’re making biased decisions, by employing anthropological research and cultural science it was possible to demonstrate the theory was grounded in fact. 

I’m proud of this positioning strategy, web copy and sales collateral because it’s exactly what this start-up client asked for: a genuinely thought-provoking text, with an important message. If you want to know why cultivating balanced opportunities for junior staff matters, and how to recruit [and hang on to] the best young talent in media, check it out. 


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