This B2B campaign – raising Oscar Fairchild’s profile among a defined target group of business decision makers – needed us to design a content strategy and write on-page website content, blog articles and new client on-boarding materials. 

Oscar Fairchild: Commercial storytelling

BOOKED BY: Oscar Fairchild

SERVICE PROVIDED: ContentCreator™, tone of voice, on-page content, on-going blogging, case studies, client process emails

TARGET AUDIENCE: Hi-growth business owners across the South East 

Jill says:

One of the biggest challenges we face as entrepreneurs and business leaders is understanding how to make our ideas resonate.  Kim Redwood-Lee of Oscar Fairchild is no exception.  Talk to this vivacious MD for 5 minutes and you’ll see she has no shortage of ideas and is clear on the ways Oscar Fairchild will make a genuine difference to its clients. 

But as is the case for so many of the owners I help – telling the story of how the business will be useful in the world, why they will matter to their customers – is a more difficult proposition. 

We stepped in to help this growing accountancy practice to find a new vantage point, one that enables them to see the world through the eyes of their customers.  Designing a PR and content strategy that is less about promotion and coercion, and instead about reaching out to people and helping them with their problems. 

The central pillar of this work is the #AskOscar campaign – through which we act upon the firm’s promise to be open and non-judgemental.  This is amplified through consistent blog content written about topics like the danger of leaving accounts in the hands of junior staff, and the migration to electric London Black Taxis.  Posts designed to spark conversation, increase engagement and increase the team’s reach within their extended network. 

That’s where we help.

With each post we’re strengthening the Oscar Fairchild brand story, raising awareness amongst the firm’s target audience, and establishing Kim and her team as approachable experts. 

The growth of Oscar Fairchild continues at pace, and we’re proud of the part we continue to play in this through the smarter commercial content we provide. 


Kim Redwood-Lee, Managing Director, Oscar Fairchild 

“I couldn’t be happier with the content marketing support provided by Attract & Engage.  Jill and her team understood our requirements immediately and wasted no time in presenting a plan of action that ticked all the boxes.  The quality of content produced across the site is exceptional, so much so that my sales and marketing efforts have been revitalised by sector specific landing pages and blogs that demonstrate the strength of our expertise.   Not only that but the ongoing support we now have means we can really drive growth forwards.”  

Smarter commercial content


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