Our strategic content marketing support – designed to help this established enterprise grade electronic security provider expand its service offering to include SMEs – needed to establish a strong positioning strategy and demonstrate a deep knowledge of the problems faced within individual industries. 

JMH Technology: Thought Leadership

BOOKED BY: JMH Technology

SERVICE PROVIDED: ContentCreatorwebsite content, blogging, and case studies

TARGET AUDIENCE: Owners of SME businesses across the South East – specifically, private practice, retail, professional services and hospitality & leisure

Jill says:

It’s always enjoyable to work with ambitious clients who aren’t afraid go all out.  JMH Technology is on a mission to rid the world of bad CCTV and outdated manual keys; those grainy recordings and jangling metal keys that belong in Crimewatch circa.1995. 

When JMH Technology’s MD asked Attract & Engage to write the copy for the company’s new website, I knew the JMH difference had to shine through. They’re all about designing and developing customer-friendly electronic security systems that actually work, meaning a welcome end to frequent and costly call outs.  So I took a conversational tone with the copy, avoiding the industry jargon that JMH Technology’s competitors tend to fall back on. 

When JMH Technology designs electronic security systems, they start by researching what specific businesses need, and design the application around that. We took the same approach with the website: JMH anticipated prospective buyers’ challenges and questions, and I wrote targeted, helpful copy to answer each one. 


JMH Technology MD John Hammond commented: 

“I can’t tell you how good it feels to work with a team of writers who’ve been able to capture our message so clearly and succinctly in a way that truly, none of us inside JMH Technology could achieve. Well done.” 

It was incredibly rewarding to see the site go live, with Blue Serif’s elegant brand, and Eseyo’s easy to navigate build complementing the clear, jargon-free, and informative copy. Even more rewarding is the fact that after just five months, the new site was contributing to JMH Technology’s growth in the SME sector.  I love it when a plan comes together... 

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