Drive App Downloads and Sign-Ups

As a start up, Hubscape was looking for landscapers to sign up & download their new app. With many other project management tools on the market, tight audience targeting was imperative to avoid wastage and avoid appearing in front other trades using similar tools.

BOOKED BY: Hubscape

SERVICE PROVIDED: Paid Social, Consultancy, Audience Profiling, User Engagement

DATE: Ongoing

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Context: Hubscape, the project management app for the UK landscaping industry, asked Attract & Engage to drive app downloads and sign-ups with engaging content.


Approach: As a start-up, our target audience would not (necessarily) know that Hubscape existed and therefore would not be “searching” for such a tool. After considering several marketing tactics, we decided paid social ads to drive app downloads and sign-ups was the smart solution, presenting the brand to a new audience and capturing the attention of a laser targeted group.


Content: Social feeds are full of wallpaper content, so getting the attention of a progressive landscaper was vital in the first 2-3 seconds. We then followed up with app attributes which appealed to their pain points.


Impact: After trialing static vs video, A/B’s and many other tests, we continue to deliver signups and downloads which not only match with Hubscape’s growth goals, but also keeps the team informed of user needs and future development features.

If you’d like us to create a growth marketing campaign like this for your business, please get in touch.